Sunday, June 29, 2014

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt Contest

We love quilts.  We want to love making quilts.  So we're trying our hand at making different kinds of quilts.  This month is a simple one.  A whole cloth baby quilt.  2 pieces of fabric - one on each side with some batting stuck in the middle.  Make a sandwich and then quilt it.  How simple is that?  Anyone can do it.  Right?

Well, what we need for you to do is look at them and then vote on your favorite one.  We've used some of our favorite fabrics and we hope you can find at least one that you like.  You can always vote for both of them.  We won't be offended.  :)  You never know when they may show up at a craft show near you.

Liberty of London/Alexander Henry Countdown
We're not sure which side of this quilt is the top, because both sides are so cute.  One side features a soft pink floral Liberty of London.  Who doesn't love a beautiful Liberty fabric for your baby girl?  The reverse side is the colorful Countdown by Alexander Henry.  It is bound with a black & white floral print.

Dear Stella Petalpusher/Gingham
This cute baby quilt uses the beautiful Petalpusher Impressionist fabric by Dear Stella.  The reverse is an authentic lilac gingham fabric.  It is bound with Ta Dot in Gray.

Enjoy the quilts and vote for your favorite!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Custom Orders

Hi!  We've taken a short break from our sewing challenges, but we're back.  As you may know, we recently lost both of our parents within 11 days of each other.  We are planning a couple of sewing challenges to honor our parents in the near future.  We're pretty excited about them.

We both recently had custom orders to make, and we thought we would share those with you.  Who knew that the orders would be pretty similar.  One of us had an order for some wristlets and coin purses.  The other one had an order for a bunch of coin purses.

Check out what we made.

Wristlets and Coin Purses

80 Coin Purses

Both orders have been safely delivered to our customers.  We hope our customers are happy with them, because we know we are.  You can keep us happy by voting for your favorite.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apron Challenge

All good cooks need a new apron every once in a while.  Who wants to get all flour-y when baking your favorite cupcakes in the kitchen?  No need to get your new t-shirt all chocolatey when making your favorite batch of brownies.

With that in mind, we decided to make ourselves a new apron this month.  After all, can you have too many aprons?

The full apron has a halter style neckline, and is made of a cute cherry print.  What retro cook wouldn't love wearing this apron while making their family's favorite meal?

The half apron has 2 pockets and is made with Lotta Jansdotter's Echo fabric.  It is trimmed in a pink mini gingham.  This apron is for the modern cook who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Please vote for your favorite apron!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Quilt Challenge

It's the middle of a big, bad winter.  We've had so much snow, freezing rain, subzero weather and a couple of polar vortexes.  So, what better contest to have for January than to make a quilt.  We know it's no longer January, but we're only a few days behind schedule.  Please forgive us.

We both have been working  hard on a quilt.  We had no idea what fabric or quilt pattern the other twin had chosen.  It was no surprise when the reveal happened that we made two totally different quilts.  One is a bold log cabin block quilt made from solids.  The other quilt is made of low volume prints with a giant clam shell quilt pattern.

Now, you get to decide which quilt you would choose to stay warm under during this unending winter.  Just for the record, we're supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow.  So a new quilt is in order for some unsuspecting person(s).

Log Cabin Quilt

Clam Shell Quilt

P.S.  We don't claim to be professional quilters.  Don't judge us too harshly.  Just vote!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November Challenge

We had a great time at the Chris Cringle craft show earlier this month.  We sold alot of our goods and made a little money.  That's always nice.  Our first customers this year were 3 sisters.  These 3 sisters love animal prints.  Dogs.  Cats.  Elephants.  Anything with animals.  They each bought a new coin purse and maybe a coaster or two.  They were our first customers at the show last year, too.  They made a point of visiting our booth first this year before any other booth, because they wanted to buy some of our products.  That made us feel good.  This was our 4th year to have a booth at Chris Cringle, and one of the sisters has bought from us every year.  For some odd reason, I always remember her.  She has always bought animal prints.

A week or so after that show, we received invitations to 2 or 3 other shows this year.  We aren't able to make commitments to them, because we are already booked.  We don't do many craft shows, because sewing is a hobby for us.  We don't want it to feel like work, and it's not how we earn a living.  It's just a fun thing that earns us a little money.  No harm in that.

But...we do have other events on our calendars.  Joy is holding her annual Crafty Christmas Open House on Dec. 7th.  Jan is busy getting ready for two more shows.  The first one is this Saturday, Nov. 30th at Not Your Mama's Craft Market at the YMCA at Marysville, OH.  Her next show is less than a week later at her workplace.

We both decided to make new and different items that we didn't have available at Chris Cringle.  And that is what we decided to share as our challenge for this month.  Never before seen stuff.

Here's what we've come up with this month.

Framed embroidery
These are simple inspirational framed embroidery pieces that would look great on your desk, dresser, or kitchen counter.  Fill your hearts and minds with uplifting words and you'll be more inclined to treat others in a positive way.

Liberty of London totes
These totes are made from the luxurious Liberty of London fabrics.  Beautiful is the only word to describe them. for your favorite.  and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Challenge (a day late)

Our annual showing at Chris Cringle show starts today. Yay!  It's hard to believe that this is the 4th year we've been in the show.  Time flies when you're having fun!  We spent yesterday afternoon setting up our booth and fine-tuning the look of it.  We're ready to get the party started!

We've been working hard on all our merchandise this month, so please forgive us for having another pillow challenge 2 months in a row.  Last month, our challenge was to make something out of the same fabric.  We both happened to make a pillow.  Surprise, surprise.  Since we've been busy making pillows for the show, we decided we would each enter a pillow that we're selling as our challenge this month.  Makes sense, huh?  Why make something that we're not going to sell.

Lindsey Polka Dot Pillow
This pillow is made in honor of a friend, Lindsey, who loves polka dots.  I hope this pillow makes her proud!  The pieces are made of one-inch squares of polka dot fabrics.  The initial idea was to make it a random design, but the randomness kind of went away in favor of this awesome looking pattern.  Can't think of what the name of this pattern is, but it's fun and beautiful!

Anthropology Knock-off Pillow
Sometimes you see something you love that's really expensive, and you don't want to spend alot of money on it.  Or maybe you just can't afford it.  That's when you put your skills to work and make your own.  Call it copy catting.  Call it knock-offs.  Call it making it work on your budget and your taste.  That's what this pillow is.  I saw it at Anthropology and refuse to pay the full price. It's made with blue chambray.  This is my interpretation, and I love it!

Vote for your favorite pillow!  If you like both pillows and can't decide, then vote for both.  We won't be offended.  And if you really like the pillows and can't live without them (and you're in Champaign, IL today or tomorrow), come out and buy them.  That wouldn't offend us either.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Same Fabric Sewing Challenge

Happy first day of Autumn!  It's the best season of the year.  We're already seeing some leaves starting to turn colors, feel the crispness in the air, and best of all, we're eating honeycrisp apples.  Can life get any better than that!?

We're celebrating this great occasion by posting our monthly sewing challenge.  This challenge is one that we've had planned for several months, but kept postponing it for various reasons.  So....(drumroll please), our challenge this month was to make something using the same fabric.

We both fell in love with Amy Butler's Alchemy fabric collection earlier this year.  The fabric we chose is called Sketchbook in Cream.  It is just beautiful!

 Typically, we don't tell each other what we're making or what fabric we're using.  It's always a surprise when we reveal our finished product to each other.  But this month was different.  We knew what the fabric was, but we didn't know the item each other was making.  We wanted to see how different the fabric would look if we made something different with it.  And, wouldn't you know it, we both made a pillow.  The great thing is that the pillows look nothing alike.

So, take a look, and choose your favorite pillow.  We know the fabric is fabulous.  Hopefully, you will too.  These pillows will be for sale in our upcoming craft shows.

It's a Pillow Fight!!!!  Square vs. Round!!  Vote for your favorite.

As always, your voting is confidential.  We don't know who votes, and we don't know who you vote for.  Just vote!!!